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Partner with North Carolina’s statewide PBS network.


UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina has been your PBS station for over 60 years, but did you know that we offer more than just over-the-air and online content? Our unique facilities offer the flexibility and variety to achieve your goals. Whether you need to rent facilities, need help with creating online learninghost a meeting or even try out our state-of-the-art Lightboard, we can help. Let us show you what it means to put the public back into public media and bring your ideas into the 21st century.


Production Services

From multi-camera studio productions to single-camera field shoots, video work, and more, PMNC has what it takes to provide superior results for your next production.

Instructional Design

Our online learning team can help you design and develop inspired and engaging e-learning content.


Why rent an ordinary space when you can treat your guests to the extraordinary? Our facilities are nestled in acres of wooded forest in the heart of Research Triangle Park.


This cutting edge technology will transform your humdrum presentations into neon-colored, electrifying experiences.


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